The Asian Paradox: End of the Line for Low Carb Diets?

The fact that the populations of many parts of Eastern and Southeast Asia have traditionally been slim while consuming a high carbohydrate diet, typically rich in white rice is often considered as a ‚...

Cracking Down on Eggs and Cholesterol: Part II

Cracking Down on Eggs and Cholesterol: Part II

Recently two meta-analysis papers were published addressing the findings from population studies of the association between egg intake and the risk of cardiovascular disease.1 2 Unfortunatel...


Diet-Heart: The Role of Vegetarian Diets in the Hypothesis

A recent publication from the EPIC-Oxford cohort with 15,000 vegetarians and 30,000 non-vegetarians found that the vegetarians had a 32% lower risk of hospitalization or death from coronary heart dise...