Possibly Get Back Together – Tips on How to Get Back Together With Your Ex

The heartache experienced during a break up can be one of the most intolerable feelings imaginable. This may sound overly dramatic, but it's a proven fact that losing a relationship creates a similar type of grief as losing a loved one who dies. The pain is totally consuming. Can you take much more of this? What are the chances of a possible get back together? If saving the relationship is what you really desire, then it's important that you understand what to do and say to get back with the one you love … and avoid the usual mistakes naturally everyone makes.

You must halt everything you're doing that could have been interpreted as pushy or "clingy" behavior. This includes arguments about the relationship, writing love letters, trying to convince your ex, etc. You see, the more you pressure your ex, the more they pull back from you. This is totally normal, it's human nature. When you're the one giving chase, you give back all your power … and that is unappealing.

Try working with human nature for a change. Give your ex plenty of space. Absolutely no contact for a couple weeks, maybe a month or more.

Now your ex sees that you're no longer being clingy / pushy .. In most cases your ex will naturally be attracted to you once more. Why? Because just like it's human nature to pull away if you feel pressed, the opposite is also true … a person inclines to be pushed toward someone they think is not totally available.

During this time period of giving them their space, make sure to involve yourself in plenty of positive activities. Get going on some of those goals you've been stalling on, work out, start a hobby or whatever … just make sure it's things that better your life. This will greatly increase your odds of a possible get back together. Your ex will see the positive changes. This combined with your new attitude of independence will naturally always draw them toward you once again. Now, instead of you being the one chasing, you're both equals … and you can begin to work on the defect issues that need healing.

Source by Matt Olson